Bat Removal in Fair Oaks Ranch, TX


How to get rid of bats properly

  • Always execute a live exclusion
  • Never use toxins or fumigate to eliminate bats
  • Do not use traps or try to relocate bats
  • Never do a removal throughout the maternity season
  • Seal all entry points to prevent bats from re-entering
  • Perform decontamination and cleaning to prevent health risks associated with exposure to bat feces.
  • Be licensed and insured to operate

Our professional bat removal specialist team in Fair Oaks Ranch, TX abides by lawful and ethical removal principles to help you get rid of bats in your home, attic, or chimney. We know how to get a bat out of your house quickly and humanely.

Why Bat Houses Won't Do The Job

Bat houses are not very effective at attracting bats away from your home if you have bats in the attic. In fact, many bat houses lay empty for several years before bats choose to live in them. Some will never bring in bats because the temperature, or even the location is not suitable.

The second thing to consider is the use of a bat house after you have excluded the bats from your attic or home, and unfortunately, there is no guarantee that they will make a colony in the bat house and stay away from your attic. Bats tend to be very picky.

While it is a good idea to set up a bathouse to provide a potential environment for these animals, it's not going to solve your bat problems if they are already in your home, attic, or chimney.

Bat Control Process

Inspection: How are bats getting into your Fair Oaks Ranch, TX home?

These mammals take flight at night and spread their bat guano (bat poop) throughout their living space (inevitably, your home). If you are asking yourself, "What does Bat poop look like?" or "what are the risks of having bat poop in your attic?" you should click here.

If you can figure out what species you have, based on size, color, or bat noises you can understand their behavior and birthing season to make a solid plan.

Pre-Sealing Your Home

Bats in Fair Oaks Ranch, TX can find various entry points into your home. These holes are usually tiny, about half an inch wide, so they are easy to miss. If you don't prepare, you will have dozens of bats in attic in no time. To get rid of bats, you need to funnel them out of their entrances. To prevent them from coming back, you have to seal up every single hole. DO NOT do this during maternity season. Read more about ways to seal your house from bats in Fair Oaks Ranch, TX.


Exclusion: Getting Rid of Bats

Put exclusion devices around the funnels you placed.

The funnels should let bats out in Fair Oaks Ranch, TX but not let them back in. Check out the bat exclusion process here to see which types of exlusions devices work best on bats in house.

Common types of exclusion devices include metal or cloth netting, funnels, and bat doors.


Seal Up

Once you are sure all of the bats have left, and you don't have a single bat in house, remove the exclusion units and seal the access points shut. Fair Oaks Ranch, TX Bats will know to come back to your home and try to reenter your attic.

If you do your job right, they won't be able to get back inside. You can pick from a variety of materials including plastic or metal mesh, caulk or polyuerthane, depending on the situation. It is a meticulous process to not miss any access points, but it is vital to get this done right.


Clean Up

Fair Oaks Ranch, TX bats will leave guano all over your attic floor and walls. In small quantities, this is no big deal. However, in large quantities guano can corrode drywall and wood, as well as grow mold. It can also lead to health problems such as histoplasmosis. During warmer months, guano in Fair Oaks Ranch, TX also leaves behind a strong stench, so this area needs to be cleaned throughly. This can include vacuuming the poop, replacing the insulation or fogging out the attic. Read more about the bat cleanup process by clicking the link.


Avoid Repellants

Don't use repellents in Fair Oaks Ranch, TX–unfortunately they don't work. Poisoning and killing them is inhumane and a waste of time. Once again, never attempt removals during maternity season in Fair Oaks Ranch, TX; they are a protected species by law! Because the removal process is difficult and time-consuming, we strongly suggest hiring our professional wildlife removal team in Fair Oaks Ranch, TX. It will take considerably less time for a professional with practical experience to take care of your bat problem. Read our guide to selecting profesionals in Fair Oaks Ranch, TX to learn more.

Why Hire Professional Animal Control Fair Oaks Ranch?

Bat removal projects aren't easy, and certainly not for amatures. I have seen many terrible attempts at bat nest removal throughout the years, carried out both by do-it-yourself property owners and by incompetent companies. Any reputable pest control or wildlife removal service in Fair Oaks Ranch, TX will know the proper techniques to eliminate and prevent bat nesting in your home. Never ever hire a pest control company which uses poisons for animal or insect control. They frequently attempt the same approach regarding bats. Not only is this extremely destructive and illegal within the Fair Oaks Ranch, TX area, but it results in catastrophe for the homeowner, and does not really solve the problem. It's essential that the removal of bats through the attic of your home is done within the correct manner, and there is just one correct way, with a bat exclusion. To read more concerning this process, read our bat removal specialists home page.

Before you hire anybody, talk to them, and ensure that they understand what they are performing, and that they have experience. Make sure that they do abide by the principles we outlined above. This is not only for the sake of the bats, it's with regard to doing the job correctly, for you, as well as your property. The fact that it's great for the bats as well only adds to the value and quality of our services. Bats are great animals, due in large part to their ability to consume up to 600 pesky mosquitoes per day!

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